Benefits of FHA Condo Approval

25% of Mortgages are FHA

Qualifying for an FHA loan is much easier than a conventional loan.

Lower Down Payments

FHA buyers are required to only come up with 3.5% down payment vs 5% for Conventional Loans. 

Lower Credit Scores

 FHA Loans are more lenient with credit scores, enabling more buyers to purchase. 

FHA Approved Projects Help Residents Sell Their Units

If the project is FHA approved it expands the pool of potential buyers, enabling residents to sell more quickly. 

​​Condo Approval Makes Seniors Eligible for HECM Reverse Mortgages

Seniors (65+) are only eligible if their condo is FHA-approved. 

Realtors Flock to FHA Approved Projects

Lack of inventory is a huge obstacle for Realtors looking for FHA approved projects.